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QR Code Scanner is Popular for Smart Locker Project

Sep. 11, 2017

QR code scanner is becoming more and more common in smart lockers. These intelligent lockers can be found in entrance of community, office building, supermarket, shopping mall, and so on. Therefor, the safety performance of the smart lockers means a lot to consumers.

To improve the safety and efficiency of payment, QR code reader is widely used by smart locker solution providers. Let’s check how it works in smart locker!

QR Code Scanner is Popular for Smart Locker Project

Usually, there are three steps in total when we use smart locker: 

Step 1: Storage of Your Items

Step 2: System Send A Unique QR Code to User’s Phone/Print A Unique Barcode 

Step 3: Unlock by Scanning QR Code You Got or the Printed Barcode

Generally speaking, the system will have a time-limited free storage, usually about 24 hours. As long as the storage time exceed 24 hours, you may need to pay extra money to get your goods. The purpose is for rational use of locker resources, to give more opportunities for more users. For the overtime fee, you can use mobile phone app to pay, such as Alipay, wechat or other payment apps.

4500R QR Code Scanner

As a professional barcode solution provider since 2000, RAKINDA here advise smart locker solution providers to use LV4500 Series 2D barcode scanner , which can read both printed and phone screen 1D barcodes and QR Code. Rakinda has also done many other projects besides smart locker, including access control system, parking meter, kiosk, self-service payment terminal, medical instruments, etc. As long as you need to integrate barcode scanner in your project, Rakinda is always your best choice.


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