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Rakinda Scanner Gun LV1300C Applications

Aug. 02, 2017

Nowadays the scanner gun is widely using in everywhere, from daily life to manufacturing, we can see it in everywhere, here are some examples application of using scanner gun.

Rakinda Scanner Gun LV1300C Applications

The main using in manufacturing, commercial, logistical and some public services and facilities.

In the manufacturing, scanning gun used more frequently in it, using scanning gun to get bar code data in the production line, by scanning gun to collect data for statistical analysis.

In the commercial activities, the application of the scanning gun should be the supermarkets, clothing stores, bookstores, etc and it can be seen everywhere, the POS system will be used for receiving silver.

In the logistics industry , the bar code of product packaging is collected by scanning gun,which greatly improves the efficiency of work , and reduces the error rate , such as now more popular logistics ,express delivery ,postal service ,warehousing ,freight ,etc , public business , such as travel industry , the government law enforcement , the insurance industry etc ,involves data collection is usually applied to the barcode scanning gun related product.

Shenzhen rakinda LV1300C scanner gun is very flexible for scanning, the interface is RS232 and USB, visible red light 630nm+10nm, The maximum readable code speed: per second / 25 cm. Ambient light: normal indoor and outdoor direct sunlight.


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